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Sunday, December 28, 2014

"The Girl Who Came Home" Novel Review

The Girl Who Came HomeThe Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Titanic disaster is one of the most documented historical events in the era of pop culture and fiction. I kid you not, but "My Heart Will Go On" was playing mentally while I began reading this book, simply because we combine our previous knowledge as human beings to help us understand new stories we encounter.

Grace uncovers the story of her great grandmother Maggie on the Titanic, and in the process of doing so, both women dig into their personal past and realize connections that they need to take advantage of... In a sense, this disaster brings them closer to the missing pieces of life, and it's great to watch them bond.

I thought the story dragged a bit in the beginning, but I think it's because I knew what was going to happen -- spoiler, the boat sinks.-- but the secrets revealed were something that I didn't see coming.

Overall, enjoyable for fans of historical fiction, Titanic aficionados, and those who want Celine Dion playing in the background.

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