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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"The Almost Epic Adventures of an (International) Librarian in Training" Origin Story

Good morning my readers!

I was recently asked as to the purpose of this blog and the explanation behind it's purpose, and I felt compelled to explain it once again in blog format.

"The Almost Epic Adventures of an (International) Librarian in Training"--The Origin!

I started the blog way back when because my good friend (and motivator to become a librarian) Erin Cataldi had one and I was jealous. I wanted a blog that would get the attention of readers, authors, professors, and others so that I could become popular (like John Green status following--hey! a girl can dream!). Soooooo, I began a blog and wanted to document the reviews of books that I had read, as well as other adventures that I participated in.... that was the original vision.

There were moments where I documented my running training (see "Road to Disney" adventures on my Facebook), and where I even wanted to share with the world about a sale on Paul Mitchell shampoo, and I had lost the original purpose of the blog and what I wanted: an area in which I could share my ideas related to reading, researching and response, the latter being a term that I feel applies to motivation to do things yourself.

"Librarian in Training"
I will be done with the Masters of Library Science program in May, 2015 and wanted to share things that I had encountered within my graduate studies and research on this blog. There is a HUGE research trip coming up that I will be documenting on this blog, so please please please please please please follow along. #Iceland all the way baby.

See "#Iceland" above...I'm going to travel the world and see how different libraries work and how different groups of individuals learn and share information. This is the basis for educational systems, so in a sense, I'm making the world a better place by finding out how it operates...After all, the first step to success is to stay informed right?

"Epic Adventures"
There are things that I would have never thought about doing 5 years ago that I am currently doing. I never thought I'd be a librarian. I'd never thought that I'd be in charge of 11,000+ books and materials. I'd never thought I'd be in a brand new shiny space of a Media Center. I'd never thought I'd stay in Indianapolis AND love it! I'd never thought that I'd have the opportunity to travel the world to talk about books and learning and education! I hate that "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" question because the answer will always be wrong!! You can't envision yourself in the future, because amazing things take time to grow and minds change. And don't take anything for granted that you haven't worked your butt off for.... I've learned that many a times and sometimes the hard way.

Note: "epic" is a term that is defined as, well, epic. I never thought I was doing amazing things until others started telling me. People would call me "awesome" or that I "rocked"...and I never let it go to my head until I was completely stressed out in the dumps and thought about it.... I've worked hard, always tried to have a smile, and thought positively. I've tried to pray, ask for help, and apologize, and every time that I have, things have gotten a little better and I've become a better person because of it.

Now onto...

Things are only truly "epic" when others take part. I enjoy sharing my adventures, but they would be much more impactful for others to know what I am doing.... Hence, this blog. If you have a Google account, you can subscribe <--see what I did there?? ;)

"The" and "an" and "of"
Those are grammatically required words needed in the phrase so I don't look like an idiot.
That is all :)

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